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Few bands advertise themselves as a group that takes no prisoners, but that’s exactly what Gentry Blue does-- creating a passionate, raw sound involving hard rock meeting pure classic inspired psychedelic rock. Comprised of four misfits from all over the country who met in Nashville, Tennessee, Gentry Blue stays true to their roots as they seek to reflect the rock and roll aesthetics of this constantly changing world.


Lydia Gentry and Jo Jeffries, who bring strong female energy to the group, hail from opposite ends of Missouri. Lydia’s powerhouse alto lead vocals slice through the air while her fingers flash on her electric violin, and is the band’s main lyricist. Jo slaps with punk-rock grit on the bass, rounding out the sound. Travis Fairley, from Texas, plays a slick and mean electric guitar with ease, creating a time capsule to the days of Hendrix and Halen, while still staying relevant in today’s world. Brendan DeBonis, from Maryland, keeps time with his drum skills and influences the band with his songwriting, as well as having an intense persona during live shows.


Gentry Blue is more than a rock band-- they are an eclectic group who have chosen to ignore the mainstream standards of the music industry and carve their own path while finding their way in this crazy world, using catchy hooks as well as meaningful and philosophical lyrics.



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Gentry Blue is a psychedelic hard rock band formed in Nashville, Tennessee in late 2018, composed of Lydia Gentry on vocals and electric violin, Travis Fairley on guitar, Jo Jeffries on bass, and Brendan DeBonis on drums. Best described as Rush and Janis Joplin meet Lindsey Stirling, Gentry Blue is prepared to blow their audience away with their raw sound and take no prisoners. They recently dropped their five-track debut EP, "Pyrite and Steel", with songs thematically ranging from figuring out the nuances of relationships to the depths of space and beyond.

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"Gentry Blue explores losing your true purpose and your identity in the nuanced single ‘What Lies on the Other Side’. The single uses a combination of melodic elements from pulsing melodies to nuanced vocals. Each element adds something to the song and they meld together for an intense sonic experience." - The Other Side Reviews

"...[Lydia Gentry's] tenor is quite remarkable – she can move along like Joplin, but has more emotional depth like Amy Lee or Lani Hall. I liked listening to her voice and falling down the rabbit hole of guessing her take on life... Gentry Blue has a way of making their music completely engrossing, a fullness in the overall sonic blend that is far superior to a computer programming sounds. It comes from their heart – and it shows" - Mark Druery (Indie Shark)

"'Familiar Ghosts' at times brings to mind the dark, ponderous sound of 90s grunge bands, and further exemplifies Gentry Blue’s creative songwriting skills as the track takes the listener on a journey complete with shifts in tempo, rhythm, and melody. The EP concludes with the riff-driven track “Downfall,” which features wonderfully intense electric violin and guitar solos. Pyrite and Steel is quite an enjoyable listen throughout, and I would highly recommend this great EP to fans of psychedelic- and progressive rock alike." - Trey Anastasio (Less than 1,000 Followers)