Gentry Blue is a psychedelic and hard rock band formed in Nashville, Tennessee in late 2018, composed of Lydia Gentry on vocals and electric violin, Travis Fairley on guitar, Jo Jeffries on bass, and Brendan DeBonis on drums. Best described as Rush and Janis Joplin meet Lindsey Stirling, Gentry is prepared to blow their audience away with their raw sound and take no prisoners. Their debut single, "Downfall", was released on October 18, 2019.


Lydia Gentry 

Lead Vocals and Electric Violin

Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Influences - Janis Joplin, Rush, Florence + the Machine, Queen, Muse

Travis Fairley 


Terrell, Texas

Influences - AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, ZZ Top, Chuck Berry

Brendan DeBonis 


Highland, Maryland

Influences - Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin

Jo Jeffries


Sibley, Missouri

Influences - Queen, Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell, Pearl Jam, Hozier

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Gentry Blue is a psychedelic and hard rock band located in Nashville, TN, with heavy influences from Rush, Janis Joplin, Kansas, and features electric violin.