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With a bohemian spirit and a penchant for intelligent, deep songwriting, Gentry Blue has carved out a unique place in the music scene. Behind their unassuming exteriors lies a group of imaginative misfits who are passionate about their craft.  Led by electric violinist and vocalist, Lydia Gentry-DeBonis, they seamlessly blend elements of progressive rock and psychedelic grunge infused with catchy pop hooks, creating a dynamic musical experience.  The rest of the band comprises of multi-instrumentalists Brendan Gentry-DeBonis and Sean Jannay trading on guitar, bass, or drums depending on the recording and the performance.


Forming at Belmont University in 2018 under the name Gentry, the band drew from an eclectic range of influences to build their sound, from Rush and Jefferson Airplane, to Fleetwood Mac.  The result is an evolving sound that can be described as violin gothic rock with a touch of theatrics reminiscent of Muse and Ghost.  Since their formation, Gentry Blue has captivated audiences with their live performances, seizing every opportunity to showcase their talent. They have performed at various notable events, including the Big River Steampunk Festival, the Flatlands Music Festival, and Fawkes Fest, winning over listeners with their melodic and raw sound.


Despite the challenges of 2020, the band channeled their creativity and recorded their debut EP, "Pyrite and Steel".  To Gentry Blue, being made of pyrite and steel represents resilience in harsh times and a commitment to sharing their stories while offering support to others. The EP explores a range of themes, from reflecting on a confusing and violent world to delving into the depths of space and beyond.  In May 2022, they released the single "Tell Them I'm Insane," which was mixed and mastered by Grammy-winning producer Mitch Dane, building on their unique sound and storytelling abilities, then the single "Collide" in December 2023, inspired by the sounds of space and progressive rock.


Currently, Gentry Blue is on tour while they are also hard at work writing their first full-length album.  With their unapologetic passion, dedication to intelligent songwriting, and their ability to push musical boundaries, Gentry Blue is poised to leave an indelible mark.

Stream Gentry Blue on your favorite listening platform here.


Lydia Gentry-DeBonis

Lead Vocals and Electric Violin

Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Influences - Janis Joplin, Rush, Florence + the Machine, The Killers, Muse


Brendan Gentry-DeBonis 

Guitar, bass, vocals, drums

Columbia, Maryland

Influences - Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin


Sean Jannay

Guitar, bass, vocals, drums

Stockton, California

Influences - Meshuggah, Jeff Buckley, Porcupine Tree, Becca Stevens, Chick Corea

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